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Do you drink coffee or black & green tea but still feel sleepy in the morning? Definitely, you should try to sleep better! But sometimes we don’t have a chance to sleep well because of a crying baby, full moon, busy times, bad time planning etc.

I have seen too many coffee addicts and felt sorry for them because they are visibly more irritated, unhappy, nervous and tendency for addiction. Luckily, nature has to offer much healthier options for the energy boost. One such is definitely matcha. 


Matcha green tea is a superfood that has been used in the East for centuries. Yes, it’s even more powerful than the most powerful titled goji berries, pomegranate, blueberries, spinach etc. In just one cup of matcha tea, there are 5 times more antioxidants than any other food product (Himatcha, 2018).

The production of matcha tea is very special: after the plants of the matcha green tea are grown, the leaves are picked by hand, dried in the sun, the winds and stems are removed before processing, and the leaves are ground into fine powder in the stone mill.

Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar level

Reducing cholesterol and blood sugar plays an important role in preventing modern diseases such as the cardiovascular diseases that are so common causes of death nowadays in Estonia and elsewhere in the Western countries.

Matcha gives you energy and endurance

Matcha is special because of caffeine contained in it, which works in conjunction with L-Teanin, providing up to 6 hours of energy without bad side effects such as anxiety and tremors.


Paradoxically, in addition to stimulation, matcha is also soothing because the amino acid L-Teanin is ideal for concentrating or meditating.

Matcha is IMPROVING memory, concentration and mood 

The L-Teanin stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin, which improves your mood, memory and concentration.

Matcha is good for metabolism

The groundsill of strong health is a good metabolism. Matcha also accelerates metabolism and helps the body burn fat more quickly. It also contains a high level of fiber, which is very important for digestion.

Matcha is a detoxifier

It is recommended that you detoxify your body. Yep, it does that too! Matcha offers a great way to cleanse your body from toxins.

matcha is good for skin

Matcha also has anti-inflammatory properties, it nourishes the skin with vitamins. The matcha green tea extract often called camellia sinesis is suitable for both mask and internal use.

Matcha boosts your immunity system

The catechins contained in the Matcha Green Tea have antibiotic properties that strengthen the body as a whole (Hamilton-Miller, Stapleton & Tayor, 2005).

In addition, only one cup of matcha contains a significant amount of potassium, vitamins A & C, iron, proteins, chromium and calcium.


  • Monasteries started to use matcha in rituals, and it developed a tea ceremony, which became part of the Japanese culture. In Japanese culture, the matcha green tea is much more than just a drink. The ceremony was part of the traditional Japanese culture. It values being in the moment and peace. Guests will gather in the room where the facilitator has prepared the teishu. Certainly, I would like to visit such a ceremony in Japan!

  • The origin and quality of matcha are extremely important! The high-quality powder is light green and aromatic. Chinese powder is definitely not as good as Japanese stuff. Also, different sorts are used for baking and for drinking!
    Pildiotsingu matcha good vs bad tulemus

for beginners:

  • The best places in Estonia for buying high-quality matcha are Himatcha and Chado tea grounds. The first store offers two, Chado offers four different types of matcha.
  • In fact, you can start with a regular small bowl, a whisk, kettle and spoon. Later, you can buy these items separately or take a matcha kit.
    • Himatcha stores have a more modern selection of goods. They offer a wonderful bowl because it’s very simple to make a perfect foam there.
    • Chado offers a more traditional, more Japanese style products.
  • As people are usually not used with the taste, I definitely recommend starting with a matcha latte – the small amount of matcha+non-dairy milk is just a perfect combination. Don’t forget that different kind of milk has a totally different flavour. I prefer high-quality almond or soy milk for matcha latte. Drinking pure matcha tea without milk is the next level – it’s the real tea gourmet!
  • Don’t be despaired if you can not get the right first times. All you need is a little love, peace and being in a moment.


Youtube is full of different tutorials but I recommend those that are more traditional, not mainstream. For example, this Japanese lady here:

In conclusion, it would be a crime not to use this superfood. This is a powder that has some real power!


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