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Did you think that choosing a car is difficult? Well, think again because finding the right pram/pushchair/stroller for your baby can be also difficult! There are too many choices nowadays. In order to simplify your life, I share a guide for choosing the pram and an overview of the Emmaljunga NXT90 F pram & stroller.

It quickly became clear that some of the most prestigious brands at least on our market are Emmaljunga (Sweden), Cybex (USA) and Bugaboo (The Netherlands). Smaller companies are Nord (or Roan), Baby Jogger, Stokke, Maxi Cosi, Mothercare, Quinny, Peg Perego, Stokke, Cam, Mutsy, Mamas & Papas, Britax, Chicco, Noordi, Joie, and others.

where to start?


  1. First of all, you should choose whether you would like to have a pram alone;
    pram+pushchair (2in1 solution on the same frame);
    pram+pushchair+infant car seat (3in1 solution as the car seat can be put to a chassis).
  2. Secondly, you should decide if you walk on the country roads or in the urban environment. In the latter case, the condition of the pavements and curbs of your town is also very important. City prams are not very soft and comfortable on the hummocky roads.
  3. Thirdly, you should think if you want fixed or swivel wheels. Swivel wheels provide comfortable manoeuvring in narrower conditions (eg in a shop), fixed wheels are generally more stable and have slightly better suspension.
  4. You should evaluate the suspension and choose between the air filled and all-terrain tires. Air filled tires + good suspension should be especially soft.
  5. It is also important to choose between big and small wheels. Larger wheels provide easier manoeuvring with difficult conditions (for example on a snowy road). However, it’s usually not easy to manoeuvre with large wheels.
  6. Finally, look at the design, which is absolutely a matter of taste 🙂

why Emmaljunga?

the oldest brand still active

Emmaljunga is a Swedish company founded in 1925 and named by the Emmaljunga village. They started as a small handcrafted company, but the baby boom extended the company into a huge industry. (Emmaljunga, 2018). Therefore, it’s an experienced and high-quality company that deals with prams, pushchairs and its accessories, and not with other baby products like many competitors do.


I really like their green mindset. The company considers it important to constantly move towards a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle. Investing in green methods throughout the factory has made the heating of their entire factory completely fossil-free.  Investments in reducing Emmaljunga’s impact on the environment have led to a reduction of our factory’s CO2 emissions by over 400 tons a year and in savings of over 750,000kWh of power a year in our production process. (Emmaljunga, 2018). It’s pretty awesome that they haven’t moved their production to China as many others.

Also, the NXT chassis is made of Swedish aluminium, which has been recycled up to 50%. The entire construction is joined together with high-performance screws making the assembly process reversible and the NXT chassis completely recyclable. (Emmaljunga, 2018). So they can break apart and reuse the chassis. Genius!


Produced in Scandinavia, it has a good resistance in a different climate. Their fabrics withstand cold winters, hot summers, rainy autumns, and baby’s muddy boots and sticky fingers! Indeed, if I didn’t know anything about the prams, all the moms said that Emmaljunga is the most resistant to our climate.

a great variety of different designs

Despite the old company, they have modern designs. At first, I had a false idea that all Emmaljunga prams are rather cumbersome and not very modern. In fact, they have a design for every taste. In general, older models are “Classic prams” and their newest collection is named “NXT prams”. In both collections, you can find a wide range of different models in several colour choices.

PROFESsional service

In Estonia, Emmaljunga prams are sold in the biggest variety at Beebikeskus. Me and my husband experienced the friendliest and the most professional service there. New parents to be may have many silly questions that were answered very well and thorough there.


Here is our unboxing video: 

The pram and pushchair are put on the same chassis. Adapters enable to attach a car seat as well. 

We chose Emmaljunga NXT90 F, Outdoor Black design and air-filled tires. F indicates the possibility of placing the pushchair in a fully lie-flat position. Our baby was born in the early spring, so we’ve been able to test a wide variety of weather conditions in three months – snow, slush, rain, and hot sun, so we have tested different landscapes, such as muddy forest tracks, sandy soils, gravel roads and even moss! 🙂

My testing brought out many advantages:

  • very compact city pram-pushchair
  • very small when put together
  • very lightweight and comfy to push
  • swivel wheels allow good manouvering in narrow conditions
  • front wheels can be fixed in more difficult road conditions
  • can choose between air filled and solid tires
  • tires have a pattern that creates a nice  vibration (baby loves to fall asleep)
  • long-lasting chassis (btw, you can choose between 3 models)
  • removable and washable fabrics
  • extra ventilation for pram and pushchair
  • ergonomic and telescopic handlebar
  • weatherproof fabrics – UPF50+ sun protection and waterproof fabric even if you forgot the raincover (although the raincover is preferred and recommended)

  • beautiful Scandinavian style in different color options – Outdoor Black suits well with different styles and outfits

  • spacious storage that is also loved by pets 🙂


  • soft and cosy mattress
  • carrycot backrest helps baby to sit
  • compact pram is helpful in narrow situations (escalator, shop, public transport etc.)
  • reversible carrycot

Seat unit:

  • NXT 90F has a fully lie-flat position, great when baby falls asleep
  • pretty long seat unit (100cm, 89 cm in fully lie-flat)
  • reversible seat unit (at the beginning a baby wants to look the parents in order to feel safe, later a baby wants to look around)
  • 5-point harness for the child’s safety

Since 2018 it has been more improved:

  • added changeable suspension solidity
  • the checkpoints of handlebar telescope are better locked
  • the checkpoint of the seat unit is handier, so it is easier to change the slope
  • carrycot has a ventilation
  • possible to attach a mosquito net and a sun cover

comparison to Cybex Priam

Looking at the best quality city prams, people often choose between Emmaljunga NXT models and Cybex Priam (aside from Bugaboo, for which I have no experience). Emmaljunga NXT90 F, as well as Cybex Priam, are both designed for city driving, not so much for country roads.Both are quite compact, well maneuvered and stylish. In both cases, it’s possible to choose between air filled and solid tires, and I don’t understand why anyone should choose solid tires because they are much more rigid.

We had almost chosen Cybex Priam, but at this point, I’d bring on the disadvantages of Cybex Priam compared to Emmaljunga NXT90 F, based on my own experience. One of the grandmothers of our child has tried both, so I can also rely on her objective experience.

Hereby there are some disadvantages:

  • shake more on bad roads
  • a carrycot weighs more – 4,8 kg (Cybex Priam) vs. 4,1 kg (Emmaljunga NXT90 F)
  • more compact chassis when put together (w.o. wheels)
  • no mosquito net in the set
  • carrycot doesn’t have a backrest position
  • less stable when driving straight, stays less on a straight line
  • front wheels are a bit smaller that means more stiffness
  • air-filled tire wheels have a front suspension but it doesn’t give any special effect

I also compared the numbers, of which a large part was surprisingly difficult to find. All in all, the Priam is lighter, but the NXT90 F, on the other hand, is more compact when put together (w.o. wheels), it has a longer handlebar and greater max load capacity.





Max load capacity 17 kg 37,5 kg
Height of the handlebar 99-109 cm 73-115 cm
Chassis measurements when put together (with wheels)  

95 / 57,5 / 30 cm


104 / 59 / 30 cm

Chassis measurements when put together (w.o. wheels) 82 / 46 / 20 cm 80 / 48 / 18 cm
Weight of the chassis+wheels 7,9 / 8,3 kg 9,7 kg
Wheight of the carrycot 4,8 kg 4,1 kg
Carrycot measurements (outside)  

89 / 45 / 63 cm



78 / 39 / 56 cm


Weight of the seat unit 4,9 kg 6,1 kg
Length of the seat unit (fully lie-flat position) 88 cm  

89 cm


Weight of the pram 12,7/13,1 kg 13,8 kg
Weight of the pushchair 12,8/13,2 kg 15,8 kg


If your home environment is a city that has good sidewalks, including road crossings with low pavement edges, then a city pram Emmaljunga NXT90 F is a wonderful choice for you. You can drive on country roads, but not too fast. However, better gravel roads are pretty okay too.

The difference from Emmaljunga NXT90 is that the seat unit doesn’t have a fully lie-flat position. So the disadvantage is that the baby can move to the pushchair a bit later and cannot sleep on side. The advantage is a longer seat unit (100 cm) and easier conversion of the seat unit (important when your baby falls asleep and needs to be put into a lie position very smoothly).

If you still find NXT90 and 90F to be too large or heavy, then I’d recommend NXT60 või NXT60 F, that are in the same weight class with strollers. If you love forest roads, walk on gravel roads or much on roads that are full of holes, then I would recommend choosing pram-pushchair set from the Emmaljunga Classic models. This is the collection that made Emmaljunga famous worldwide and this is something which suspension and softness are praised by mommies both here in Estonia and elsewhere abroad.

Emmaljunga prams are designed in an environment that has a very similar climate to Estonia (in Sweden), so their products are fantastically endurable in our climate too. In my opinion, their environmental-friendly approach is extremely sustainable and grateful!*This is partly a sponsored post – as an author I chose the product by myself, ensured the quality of the product, and brought out the product’s advantages to you as honestly as I could. Questions are very welcome! I hope I can help you!


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